The Secret Methods of IceFishing LakeTrout & WhiteFish ~ Deepwater Tactics UnLeashed

Published: 03rd March 2010
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It's a known fact that your chances of landing a personal best or trophy class fish is through the ice. Due to tough economic times I have chosen to put my vaulted Ice Fishing Techniques and Tactics on paper for a variety of reasons so I strongly suggest ordering a copy of this book now before the season in is over. The methods that I am about to reveal to you are my personal "Go-To" techniques that have been developed over the past 20years and are guaranteed to improve any fisherman's results 10-fold right from day one. Let me put it to you this way - If you can't catch fish using my time-tested and proven techniques then simply put... "You Can't Catch Fish"...

So why would I make such a bold and somewhat conceited statement in the very first paragraph of the PREFACE? The answer is simple - For the first 5 of those 20 years of Ice Fishing I used to get skunked week after week and have Little or No Results to show for all my efforts - all the new gear and gadgets and gizmos - One Big Fat Waste of Money - a key reminder that most lures on the market today do a better job of Catching Most Fisherman than Fish.

I remember those days clearly, the day would start out quite optimistically whether the method of transportation was a bus, bombardier or even on the back of a 4x4 truck and sometimes even pulling a sled of paying customers to the tune of anywhere between $25 and $35 per person and in most cases would be booked 4men to a hut. Whatever the case may be - if you want to fish deep water (40ft-80ft) for Whitefish and Lake Trout then you should strongly consider booking with an operator that knows the ice like the back of his hand and one that comes and checks on you at least once (usually around mid-day) before the day is up for a variety of reasons with the first and foremost reason being personal safety.

Resultantly my first 5 years of Ice-Fishing were dismal ones and the only time I'd catch fish would be shallow water fishing for Pike and Perch in roughly 10ft-20ft of water and who needs to pay an operator when you need only walk a few hundred yards, drill a few holes, drop a few lines and start fishing. I was almost convinced that I was wasting both time and money going deepwater fishing until one day I befriended a First Nation Hut Operator that showed me how to "properly" make a Quick-Strike-Rig for Pike and roughly an hour or so later - I landed my First 10+lb Pike out of the ice. Now you should know upfront that the tactics that I am about to teach you are mainly geared towards deepwater fishing - why? The answer once again is simple - shallow water ice fishing doesn't cost much but shelling out $35 a pop for bait and hut rental to go deepwater fishing for Whitefish and Lake Trout can really add up.

So let's continue, about 15years ago I walk out on the ice with my fishing gear for Pike and Perch because my hopes and dreams of catching a Big Laker or Whitey have been slowly diminished due to the countless times of returning on the bus or bombardier only to see a select few individuals bringing home fish and bragging about how good the day was while the other 75-85% of the people caught absolutely nothing. The vast majority of us (the non-catchers) would have the exact same expression on our faces - wondering what those guys are doing or perhaps even if they just happen to know which huts are the so-called "lucky ones" - well let me reassure you of this - I have out fished them all at one point in time or another and so will you if you continue to read on and apply these proven tactics faithfully... and please keep in mind that I too had to put up with this crap for over 5 years before someone took the time to show me how it's "really done"... and did I fail to mention that this certain someone was the Reigning National Champion for 3 of those same 5 or so years that I was getting skunked (along with a bus load of other individuals) so please don't concern yourself with the price tag on my book - Look Forward To The Results!

To make this long story a bit shorter, this particular First Nation Champion's name was Jim and soon after pulling that 10+lb Pike out of the water, he also managed to convince me to pay him $15 bucks to go do some Deepwater Fishing for Lakers and Whiteys and you can imagine my reluctance at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon with only a few hours of daylight left and a 10+lb Pike on the ice... Resultantly, I agreed and once I found out that Jim liked my Father's Homemade Grappa - a friendship based on the barter system soon ensued and needless to say that 2 Lakers and 1 Whitefish in less than 3 hours fishing with him was the result for a whole $15 bucks - so Yes, I booked with Jimmy week after week thereafter and Never, Ever got skunked again where even the slowest of days would produce at least 1 good fish! Soon after, I became the guy that all the people on the bus paid close attention too and learned to be very careful about both what I Did and Did Not say aloud - after all 5+ years of how much time and money did I throw away? All I can say is that there's still enough time to salvage the season - especially if you're just a weekend fisherman - This Book is For You!

//--- INTRODUCTION, TIPS, TRICKS, TECHNIQUES, RIGGING and a detailed range of Primary & Secondary TACTICS with Photo Illustrations and Instructions that are Fully Disclosed upon order as an E-Book with a Hard Copy to follow within 2-4 Business Days. FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING is included for a whole $20US so ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY and Make The Most of Your Next Outing ---//

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I have covered everything to the best of my knowledge and hope you've taken the time to make a little checklist to ensure that your next outing is a most successful one... But Now I Must Ask One Thing Of You In Return that I touched on briefly at the INTRODUCTION My New Found Fishing Friend... and that is Your Promise to share these Secrets with No-One Other Than Your Immediate Loved Ones with the only exception being those wonderful individuals that give of their time as a Big Brother or Big Sister regarding special relationships of a role model nature...

"Your Promise To Me" is that You Will Guard These Secrets as if They Were Your Very Own and Believe it or Not - They Now Truly Are Your Very Own... and if one of your friendly rivals wish to tap into this valuable information, all I ask in return is that you simply direct them to the "Web Address" or "URL" where they can purchase this One of A Kind Book for themselves - provided you so choose to share this information with them and if you don't wish to share it with them - that's fine with me too - simply pay attention to what you Do and Do Not say aloud - similarly to what I used to do in the PREFACE.

Good Fishing To You and Yours,


PS - I look forward to fishing with you in the days to come and I honestly hope that you find My Methods to be a real eye opener on your next outing or should I now say "Our Methods" and remember you have learned the Tactics of a First Nation's Champion so whatever you do - Do Not Underestimate What You Have Learned and once you've proven to your world what a great Ice-Fisherman you've become it's time to learn "To Limit Your Catch" and not just "Catch Your Limit" for The Generations To Come... Good Fishing and God Bless!

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